Saturday, April 9, 2011

Malin+Goetz Grapefruit Face Cleanser

This is another San Francisco purchase, this time from Barneys.  Amazingly I was the only person in the store on a Saturday morning, which meant I got a little too much assistant attention for my liking - I like a nice anonymous browse round a department store, like the true Brit I am.

I'd actually gone into Barneys to look at Valextra bags, but they were all locked behind glass and two sales assistants were hovering around me checking out my every move so I headed down to the basement to look at the beauty department.  I'd been meaning to get this cleanser in Singapore ever since a facialist at Spa Esprit recommended it to me.  I really like this, it cleanses well, doesn't sting my eyes and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin or leave my face feeling tight.  That's it though - I can't say there's anything hugely special about this, it's just effective.

btw when I took this to the cashier the first thing she said was, "Have you tried their deodorant?"!  Errr, no, why, do I need it?!!


  1. What a strange question she asked, haha..I hate over attention too. If it's carried at Barney's I'm guessing it's not inexpensive so for that it should be LOVED for sure :)

  2. Hmm you're right, although for that much buck I would quite like a bigger bang (so to speak)!

  3. been wanting to try Malin+Goetz products for a while, saw them at a salon in raffles city last time i was in SG. any other products you'd suggest other than their cleanser?

  4. Hi Erika - I love your blog! I've only tried the cleanser, but have heard good things about the replenishing serum and detox mask. Both are on my must try list (a very long list indeed).